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The Eco-Friendly Mulch Film

DegriFilm is a degradable mulch film made with our patented additive which allows microorganisms in the soil, combined with water, carbon dioxide, and biomass, to degrade the mulch film. DegriFilm degrades in a predetermined time frame chosen by you.

Grow More With Less!

DegriFilm promotes healthier plant growth while using less resources.

Less Plastic Waste

Designed to biodegrade, reducing plastic waste in our environment.

Less Labor

Lays easily, saving you time and effort during installation.

Less Cost

Providing an affordable solution for eco-conscious farmers.

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Watch how beautifully our DegriFilm Lays!

See for yourself how effortless installation can be with our mulch film.

Features and Benefits

DegriFilm is designed to lose its physical properties in a man-ner that can be compared to a leaf that has fallen from a tree and begins to decompose. At the end of the growing season, the plastic that remains is simply tilled into the soil. Tempera-ture, humidity and micro-organisms in the soil will continue to degrade DegriFilm and turn itinto biomass, water and carbon dioxide, leaving no harmful residue.


Eliminates labor and disposal costs associated with con-ventional plastics (Labor savings, Landfill tip fees, Trans-portation)
Excellent puncture and tear resistance
Customized for each application and individually formu-lated for each grower
Designed for optimal UV resistance


Easy application
Reduced weed problems
Enhanced moisture control
Increased soil temperature
Increased plant growth rate
Used on conventional equipment
DegriFilm leaves no residue in the soil, significantly minimizing its environmental impact.
Has the same strength, elasticity and effectiveness of traditional plastic mulch film.
Can be used for any crop traditionally grown with plastic mulch film.
Biodegrades completely without polluting the soil or accumulating over time.
Does not need to be removed from the soil or disposed of at the end of the growing season. Can be laid with conventional mulch laying machines.
Provides the same effectiveness of weed suppression as plastic mulch film.

DegriFilm Specification

Our mulch film is made with high-quality, oxo-biodegradable materials for a more sustainable future.

Available Colors

Custom Color (Grey, Green, Red, Blue, etc.)

Available Gauges


Available Widths


Available Length

Stage 1

OxoElite masterbatch is added at the manufacturing stage.

Stage 2

Film containing OxoElite is extruded at the factory and is made into film, bags or packaging.

Stage 3

The product behaves like a conventional product during its intended service life.

Stage 4

After its service life, the film, bag or packaging may end up in the open environment.

Stage 5

The OxoElite then takes effect and the product begins to degrade in the presence of oxygen.

Stage 6

The product eventually biodegrades to nothing more than carbon dioxide, water and biomass.