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Gas Stop Mulch Film

60% Buffer Zone Credit TIF Barrier Film

EcoPoly’s Gas Stop TIF qualifies as total impermeable film (TIF) for the highest buffer zone credits according to the US-EPA standards with chloropicrin, 1,3-dichloro propene, PicClor60, Telone® C-35, InLine®, and the use with PALADIN® fumigants.

Grow More With Less!

Maximize your yields while minimizing expenses with our Gas Stop Mulch Film that allows you to grow more with less water, fertilizer, and pesticides.

Less Plastic Waste

Helps reduce plastic waste by using oxo-biodegradable technology that breaks down the film into non-toxic components.

Less Pesticide

Reduces the need for pesticides by preventing weed growth and retaining soil moisture, resulting in a healthier and more sustainable crop.

Less Money Spent

Eliminates the need for manual weed removal and reduces water usage so you can save on labor costs.

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Features and Benefits

Our high-quality oxo-biodegradable Gas Stop Mulch Film offers superior gas barrier properties, UV resistance, durability, and easy installation for a cost-effective and sustainable solution to modern farming.


Qualifies for highest Buffer Zone Credits (BZC), please visit
Excellent puncture and tear resistance
Designed for optimal UV resistance
Qualified by US-EPA for 60% BZC for PIC, 1,3-D, Pic-Chlor 60, Telone C35, InLine and the use with PALADIN
Approved by California’s CDPR
Complies with Florida regulation that all high barrier films used with DMDS fumigants are required to con-tain a layer of Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH).


Allows for lower fumigant rates and costs for effective pest control.
Provides additional savings on mulch purchase, layability, removal and disposal.
Reduced fumigant rates
Maximum field performance
Reduces or eliminates odor
Easy application and removal
DegriFilm leaves no residue in the soil, significantly minimizing its environmental impact.
Has the same strength, elasticity and effectiveness of traditional plastic mulch film.
Can be used for any crop traditionally grown with plastic mulch film.
Biodegrades completely without polluting the soil or accumulating over time.
Does not need to be removed from the soil or disposed of at the end of the growing season. Can be laid with conventional mulch laying machines.
Provides the same effectiveness of weed suppression as plastic mulch film.

DegriFilm Specification

Available Colors
Custom Color (Grey, Green, Red, Blue, etc.)
Available Gauges
Available Widths
Available Length