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Compostable Mulch Film

Compostable Mulch Film Customized For You, Your Crop And Your Growing Style!

Compostable Mulch Film

Compostable Mulch Film biodegradable mulch film can be delivered in many different sizes and qualities, all depending on the type of crop that is going to be cultivated. EcoPoly’s compostable mulch film is produced with bioplastic raw material created by complexing starch with polyesters. EcoPoly’s compostable mulch film is certified as biodegradable and compostable.

Features and Benefits

Increase soil temperature
Speed up the germination and cultivation cycles
Long-term nutritious soil
Cost and labour efficient
Eliminate or reduce the use of herbicides and pesticides
Reduce water consumption
Keep fertilizers and nutrients closer to the plant
Prevent fruits & vegetables from direct contact with the soil
No disposal costs
No residues like traditional plastic in the field
Faster access to the field
Offers a family of grades fit for purpose

Compostable Film Specification

Laying our compostable mulch film can be performed with the same equipment used for traditional plastic mulching films, being careful to reduce the tension of the roll during operation. Certified Compostable according to the European Standard EN 13432 and the US Standard ASTM D6400.

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