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Recycled Content Multch Film

Introducing the Next Generation of Mulch Film!

Target Performance Needs

Whether it’s creating a targeted plan for your growing needs or helping you decide which mulch film suits you best, we are here to help!

Bottom Line Growth

We are dedicated to helping you grow your bottom line. All while helping you build a sustainable plan that works for you and your goals.

New Product Development

Since the beginning of time, growers have been innovative and solution driven. If you have a new mulch film idea, we can make it a reality.

Introducing... 100% Recycled Content Mulch Film

EcoPoly uses 100% recycled material and reduces landfill and ocean bound waste by 40 million lbs a year!

Recycled Content?

EcoPoly has been using 100% recycled content in plastic since 1991. We understand how recycled content needs to be manufactured and the importance of quality. 

Our ReUsed mulch film can be laid as a conventional mulch film with no sacrifice in quality, performance or durability. Watch your yields grow while saving our oceans from plastic waste. 

Why should I switch to Recycled Content Mulch?

Recycled content mulch reduces the use of fossil fuel based plastics. 

Life cycle analysis may show a lower carbon footprint than conventional plastics depending on the location of the recycled resins and the thickness of the films

This product helps companies ‘close the loop’ by consuming less plastic overall in their businesses

Features and Benefits

Our Recycled Content Mulch Film offers a number of features and benefits that make it a top choice for environmentally-conscious farmers and gardeners.

Limits water evaporation from the soil, which allows the plants to take root and facilitates their growth
Preserves the structure of the soils and minimize leaching of their mineral elements
Improves root development
Protects leaves and fruits against soil-borne diseases
Increases crop yields in comparison to planting on bare soil
Increases soil temperature by insulating the soil surface
Controls weed growth under mulch film
Reduces soil compaction caused by equipment and people
Prevents leaching of fertilizers
Improves quality of produce, reduces fruit rot by eliminating contact between fruit and soil
Reduces winter injury by minimizing temperature variation, reducing water loss in plants and decreasing heaving of plant crowns and roots
Improves seed germination and creates early maturity

Engineered Film Specification

EcoPoly STW’s Recycled Content Mulch Film is engineered to meet a range of specifications

Available Colors

Natural—Recycled resins come in many different colors, our natural color is typically a dark green or black color

Available Gauges


Available Widths


Available Length

Engineered Film Specification