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EcoPoly has been using 100% recycled content since 1991! Our bags are made Our bags are made using HDPE resins, are 100% recyclable. External packaging is FSC certified Biodegradable bags meet the ASTM d6954-04 standards for Biodegradability

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    About Our Garbage Bags and Can Liners

    EcoPoly’s plastic always has an end of life plan. We are continually looking at sustainable solutions so that we can facilitate reduction of packaging going to landfills. Polyethic’s has long been a leader in end of life design. We continue to support bag and film recycling. Next generation plastic offer film innovation. Hi-density, low-density, virgin resins, recycled content, degradable, UL certified, BPI certified compostable, flat pack or coreless rolls.

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    Our bags are made using HDPE resins All bags are 100% recyclableMade of 100% recycled contentExternal packaging is FSC certified Biodegradable bags meet the ASTM d6954-04 standards for Biodegradability

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    Sustainable products the earth will love you for. Priced competitively to help grow your bottom line.

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    Deciding which can liner to choose in your municipality can be challenging. Rules and regulations are continuously changing,. We can help keep you on target

    Rack Sack ® Trash Disposal System

    Innovative, affordable and discrete trash receptacle – 30 years in Canada. Quickly and easily mounts on the inside of your Kitchen or Bathroom cupboard door. Dispensing lid holds Rack Sack® refillsProducts come in White and Clear to Unscented core-less roll offerings in both 3 and 5 gallon sizes are also available. Rack Sack® Refills come in several count sizes (25/50/100)

    Maximum Brand

    A Canadian brand since 1999.
    It was created with customer value in mind – without compromising on quality. The assortment covers all the key sizes in the Kitchen and Outdoor segment from a small 16 x 17” compostable bag all the way up to a 42 x 48” drum liner. Best in class packaging design, shelf optics and quality help separate us from competition


    Private Label and Industrial use.
    Healthcare Bags for Linen’s and BioHazard materials

    Can Liner Sizes for Common Receptacles

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    EcoPoly offers a complete line of Agricultural films manufactured using advance technology and prime materials to ensure that our products stand up to the harshest conditions.