The Future of Plastics

Closing The Loop

Sustainable Solutions for Quick Serve Restaurants Made Easy

EcoPoly is in the process of creating localized recycling and manufacturing facilities that will allow us to develop, manufacture goods, take back used single-serve plastics, recycle used plastics, and re-manufacture new goods for our QSR customers using their EXISTING supply chain. This not only reduces the overall plastic consumption of our customers and end-users, it also reduces the carbon footprint associated with the collection and distribution-related freight by maximizing the use of existing supply chain vehicles.

We offer a variety of products and services that help our customers divert landfill-bound used plastic into reusable products like garbage bags, film, flexible packaging, and agricultural films. We create a full-circle solution to your packaging requirements that divert and recycle landfill-bound plastic waste for use in your products.

Closing the loop isn’t about using a product for public perception. It’s about changing your business model, changing how you design your materials, your products, and your transportation. At EcoPoly, we will look at your overall plastic use and bring you real solutions to close your loop. These biodegradable and compostable bio-plastic resins can then be molded into new and innovative products.

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